Netherlands Bronze Cross 1940



Netherlands  Bronze Cross
Queen Wilhelmina   


The Netherlands Bronze Cross 1940 was instituted in London on the 11th June 1940 by the exiled Queen Wilhelmina. The cross was awarded for acts of distinguished gallantry in action against the enemy and is still awarded; current total issue is 3,501 including a small number of foreign recipients. Subsequent awards are denoted by a gilt metal numeral worn on the ribbon.
    The basic design is similar to the Hasselet Cross 1830-31: A 29mm wide bronze straight armed cross patee, on the obverse a crowned 'W' within a oak and laurel wreath. Reverse bears the date 1940 within a wreath, divided across the arms is the Inscription TROUW AAN / KONINGIN / EN / VADERLAND (Faithful to Queen and Fatherland). Suspension is by means of a ring.

Ribbon: 37mm wide, orange with a 6mm wide 'Nassau blue' central stripe

Queen Wilhelmina  1898


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