United States Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal


United States Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal




The Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal was instituted in 1896 to reward  three consecutive years of honourable and faithful service. Further periods of qualifying service were denoted by an engraved ribbon bar ("2nd Enlistment" etc.) until 1953 when a star emblem was introduced.

Description: a 33mm circular bronze medal, on the obverse over the shank of an anchor a marine is depicted at the breach of a gun, with a scroll under inscribed 'Semper Fidelis'*. The stock and crown of the anchor with its chain form a border to this, in which is incorporated the inscription 'United States Marine Corps'. Reverse has a circular blank central area for the engraving of the recipient's details, and around the perimeter of this is the inscription: 'Fidelity Zeal Obedience'

Suspension: the disc is pierced and a ring through this attaches to the ribbon bar which is in the shape of a rifle.

Naming: Medals issued prior to 1951 are named with the recipients details, except during WW1 when they were numbered on the rim.

The top pin clasp "US MARINE CORPS" was discontinued in 1935.

Ribbon: 32 mm dark red with a central dark blue stripe.


*Semper Fidelis  = Always Faithful






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